The Secret to Effective Retail Chain Marketing

Smarter Merchandising Management

You have a strong, focused retail brand that customers recognize. But with over 50 stores and counting, it’s hard to manage differentiated marketing efforts across locations. How can you make retail chain marketing work when you’re juggling so many different stores and customer segments?

The answer is data – accurate, comprehensive data that empowers you to execute effective marketing across your chain.

AccuStore® gives you the up-to-the-minute, readily available intelligence you need to make marketing more precise and targeted. With data in hand, you can adapt marketing to each location’s unique situation and improve your response to customer needs.

Location, location, location

Your stores are spread out across different zip codes, states, regions and countries. You’re in plazas, indoor malls, and standalone buildings, all of which are subject to different rules.

Due to these inconsistencies, marketing campaigns frequently encounter delays and noncompliance with standards. A birds-eye-view of every store’s unique challenges would be extremely helpful, but district managers either don’t know where they saved the last survey spreadsheet or can’t confirm the accuracy of existing information.

This problem is common among chains with an extensive geographical reach. Thankfully, the AccuStore platform helps you quickly identify the location-specific differences that impact marketing campaigns. You’ll gain access to current, detailed survey and audit data for every store under your watch, so you can modify signage orders, inventory quantities, and types of merchandise to address each store’s spatial and regulatory challenges.

Localizing your brand

Another way AccuStore improves marketing is through localization. After all, even the most trusted, recognizable brands can increase sales through marketing that fits each store’s distinct market and customer base.

Imagine you’re about to update your loyalty program in order to increase enrollment, which isn’t as high as you would like it to be. You initially modeled it after a competitor’s program, which depends heavily on online enrollment and digital communication.

Using data from AccuStore, you can immediately identify stores with below average enrollment numbers and customize the loyalty program rollout in those locations. Then you can use AccuStore to monitor whether online-only enrollment is the best approach or whether “old fashioned” pen-and-paper enrollment garners more sign-ups at some stores.

You’ll also find out whether cashiers really are inviting customers to enroll.

Ultimately, every store serves a different local audience. The more you know store characteristics – and the success of marketing rollouts – at a local level, the more effectively you can customize future campaigns.

AccuStore gives you the tools you need to differentiate retail chain marketing and increase ROI from every promotion in your queue. Contact us to make your next marketing campaign more responsive to location-specific challenges.