Smarter Merchandising Management

Smarter Merchandising Management

Managing merchandise means multitasking. All the time. From fixture sizes to store layouts, retail merchandising involves a complicated matrix of responsibilities. How can you possibly get everything "right" when there are so many factors in play?

The answer is smarter merchandising management. AccuStore's on-site surveys help you uncover ways to optimize the physical capacity of your stores. As a result, you will minimize missed sales opportunities and slash operating costs.

Here's how our surveys help:

  • Methodical fixture utilization: Stocking optimal quantities of merchandise is tough when you're not sure what your fixtures can accommodate. We'll determine your exact fixture dimensions and document their condition, so your inventory plan accounts for fixture capacity and identifies opportunities to improve fixture use.
  • Optimized store layouts: Are you taking full advantage of your retail space? One way to improve merchandising management is to make better use of your store's physical attributes, from floors to walls and beyond. Our survey teams collect accurate, relevant site dimensions data that will inform your store layout and help you move merchandise from shelves.
  • Consistent experiences across channels: From the brick-and-mortar store to the online shopping cart, you want to provide a consistent experience across every retail channel in your charge. But can your facilities deliver on that mission? AccuStore's field teams will capture photos, evaluate IT infrastructure, and uncover challenges at POS locations. Empowered with knowledge, you can take quick action to align inventory with capabilities and move closer to an integrated brand experience.

Imagine you're having problems with a handful of stores. In some of them, large quantities of merchandise are collecting dust. Management frequently resorts to markdowns and clearance sales. However, the rest of your "problem" stores never seem to have enough merchandise to meet demand. You sell off your inventory quickly, and many customers are discouraged that the products they wanted weren't in stock.

In both cases, you're losing sales – and inaccurate minimum inventory guidelines are probably the culprit.

Accurate, comprehensive site intelligence will help you know exactly how much merchandise to stock, so you can build an inventory plan that maximizes sales and minimizes waste. Would-be customers will stop leaving your stores to shop with a competitor. Instead, they'll find what just they're looking for.

Let AccuStore take the guesswork out of merchandising management. We'll give you data – real, relevant information about your stores' physical attributes. No more assumptions. No more confusion. Just valuable intelligence that helps you increase your bottom line. Contact us to learn more about how our store surveys will transform how you manage merchandise.