Eliminate Waste with Retail Signage Software

Eliminate Waste with Retail Signage Software

Your marketing and merchandising teams are working hard to create accurate, visible, compelling signage to lead customers to buying opportunities and move products from your shelves. Sending the wrong signage to individual stores, or worse, sending all signage to every store and letting the managers pick and choose or play a match game with your planogram, could be wasting a lot of time and money.

AccuStore's technology facilitates communication between field teams and store managers, and automates communication between departments, so you can stop wondering how many signs you need for each unique store's unique layout, and whether your orders specify the correct styles and dimensions. You will know exactly what the stores need – every time. Your headquarters teams can roll out new programs and promotions faster than your competitors because they have the store information at their fingertips. And you'll increase your signage ROI while reducing waste.

Improved communication: When a 400-store chain needed a plan to reduce excess signage orders, the Marketing team used AccuStore's online survey technology to simultaneously contact the managers at each location. Managers responded quickly, providing the exact number of signs their stores needed – not how many they had received or were shorted. Photos, instructions and question structures helped the managers to respond more consistently and accurately than they had previously, using confusing and outdated spreadsheets. Thanks to AccuStore's fast, straightforward communication tools, the company optimized future signage orders and reduced its POP spend by 30%.

Accurate signage data: If you're like most retailers, you probably aren't sure whether your stores need all of the signs you're ordering – and that's an expensive problem to have. Our store profiling expertise helped a 600-store retailer to discover the precise signage requirements for every single store. Three ‘standard' sign kits were quickly converted into store-specific pack-slips. Now, a custom sign kit for each location requires the same amount of effort, and saves a lot of money. Empowered by accurate data, you'll optimize signage orders, eliminate waste, and derive more value from capital investments.

Efficient, cost-effective marketing: With accurate, store-specific signage for every marketing campaign, you will dramatically increase your ROI per sign kit while enhancing signage effectiveness. Our shared, web-based database approach lets your teams capitalize on real-time access to the most up-to-date data to plan and roll out promotions quickly, while drastically reducing disruptive store calls and requests. Complete, error-free orders also make it easier for the stores to display all the correctly-sized and accurately-styled signs you're sending them, so you can move inventory faster and stop delaying your marketing campaigns.

Improving your signage ordering and in-store execution is just one aspect of our powerful suite of store profiling tools, which help you devise strategies for fixture improvements and capacity planning, capital investments in store layout updates and equipment, and reimaging efforts. It's a comprehensive package that gives you top-to-bottom intelligence about your stores. With real-time data access and better visibility to store data from the field and across departments, you can start making improvements straight away.

Let AccuStore help you with signage management. Contact us today to talk about your marketing challenges and learn how more accurate store-level signage can help you provide an unparalleled shopping experience.