Reliable Data Keeps You Compliant

Smarter Merchandising Management

AccuStore helps you ensure compliance with marketing, merchandising, and operations standards across your chain. In turn, you will reduce indirect spend, deliver on brand promise, and provide a consistent customer experience across all of your stores.

Consistent compliance helps you optimize sales and maintain an efficient retail operation, but there’s just one problem with compliance: it’s tough. Really tough. And that’s especially true when your store-level data doesn’t reveal the “why” behind compliance problems or provide a road map for next steps.

AccuStore’s professional retail surveys and store profile technology provide the insights you need to improve cross-chain compliance. We’ll show you which stores aren’t in compliance, where the problems reside, and – this is the big one – why the noncompliance is happening.

That way, you can quickly notify the right teams to resolve problems. For good. And your customers will notice the difference immediately. AccuStore helps you solve an array of compliance challenges:

  • Employees not executing on planograms: Accurate, reliable survey data shows you what’s preventing consistent planogram execution. From fixture arrangements to spatial constraints, any number of problems can inhibit planogram compliance. AccuStore makes it easy to see what’s going on.
  • High employee turnover: With different employees cycling in and out of your stores, inexperienced staff often have a hard time complying with standards. AccuStore lowers the learning curve by providing a centralized, collaborative, real-time view of store data that’s easy to access and use on an ongoing basis.
  • Inconsistent communication: With AccuStore, you can finally maintain an ongoing, data-driven conversation with management teams. Our platform consolidates information and conversations about your stores, so you can stop sifting through old emails and digging through spreadsheets
  • Verifying execution: Once upon a time, you didn’t have any idea whether staff had addressed store-level noncompliance. That’s why AccuStore lets you request photos of any data metric – so you can verify execution immediately and stop worrying about what you can’t see.

Contact AccuStore today to take control of compliance at every store in your chain. With real-time access to up-to-date, reliable data, you can solve problems quickly and provide a best-in-class customer experience.