Make AccuStore® Part Of Your Retail Asset Protection Strategy

Make AccuStore® Part Of Your Retail Asset Protection Strategy

Your loss prevention equipment is vital to protecting your company – and your company’s bottom line. It’s imperative that your system is functioning properly at all times. So just how do you protect your asset protection investment? AccuStore. We can ensure that you always know the condition of the equipment in every store and help you make smarter, faster, data-based decisions to improve efficiency.

AccuStore is a cloud-based site intelligence platform and app that helps you know your stores. It connects everyone to the same, accurate database of information and makes it accessible from anywhere, 24/7. So if you have access to a web browser, you can see everything you need. That means no more spreadsheets to keep track of – and no more data silos.

A standard AP best practice might be to implement regular field tests to monitor safety risks and shrinkage control. But, as you know, store audits are time consuming and labor intensive when done manually. So reallocate your resources to more efficiently mitigate losses instead. With AccuStore, it’s simple to set up an online survey to check compliance at the store level. Include as many checkpoints as you want: your point of sale systems and maybe cashier behavior, all security cameras (and their video speed), your alarm systems, RFID asset tracking, and the back door or loading dock – that sensitive spot where inventory comes into your store. Shoot out a quick survey to the stores. Ask for photo captures to verify dates and times tested, and you’re done. The results will be sent back instantly. You’ll be able to target all stores more effectively, set benchmarks and take action immediately if needed.

Some retailers find cross-functional applications of their AP technology to justify the cost of the system. For example, sharing the use of your video surveillance systems with operations or auditing for them to compile data for compliance purposes. AccuStore is meant to be a cross-functional tool as well. The best part is that now you’ll be able to share information seamlessly across departments and even find multiple uses for it.

Another key component to ensuring your technology’s effectiveness is making sure it receives regular maintenance. But if your company is one of those retailers who’ve acquired or merged with other stores, it probably means you have multiple systems in place. AccuStore can help you keep track of that as well. You’ll be able to tell what stores have what equipment, who’s using legacy technology and who isn’t, how old it is and when vendor service is due or the warranty is up. So you’ll be able to optimize the use of all of your existing resources.

You’ve made a sizable investment to improve shrink and safety. Let us help you get the most out of it. No matter your asset protection technology footprint, AccuStore can help.