How Survey Data Kicks Planogram Software into Gear

How Survey Data Kicks Planogram Software into Gear

If you’re like most retailers using planogram software, you already know how much time it saves over yesterday’s pencil-and-paper planogram “solutions.” But if you aren’t using up-to-date survey data in conjunction with that software, you might be ordering more (or less) inventory than you need.

Although planogram software is powerful on its own, it requires accurate store-level data to:

  • Develop precise inventory requirements for each store
  • Track progress on merchandising resets
  • Hold direct store delivery (DSD) vendors and field staff accountable for out-of-stocks and planogram compliance

Store survey data eliminates the uncertainty about merchandising needs and makes planogram technology more valuable.

And the survey says…

In all likelihood, your stores have acquired several fixtures over the years – pallets, chests, shelves, bins, hanging bars, shelf fences, you name it! To create an effective planogram, you need data on those fixtures’ dimensions and conditions. What if the spreadsheets where you saved that information are either missing, out of date, or incomplete? How can you create an effective planogram when you don’t even have data on shelf space allocations?

AccuStore’s professional site surveys will provide the data you need and – this part is key – ensure you have access to that data every time you need it. Forever. And it will always be relevant and accurate.

Our field teams will gather all the local fixture data and merchandising metrics that impact planograms. The result? Reliable numbers for your planogram software and merchandising that matches the physical attributes of each store.

Hit the reset button

A planogram is a living document, not a changeless set of guidelines, so retailers frequently recreate planograms according to sales history and demand projections. Planogram software can help you devise a merchandising reset, but it can’t help you track the progress of that reset – not without a little help.

On top of gathering fixture data, AccuStore can monitor the results of your merchandising resets. We’ll help you establish the metrics to track (how well teams executed new rollouts, signage placements with photos attached, store environment updates, etc.) and record data corresponding to planogram modifications. You can view the progress of a reset in real time, which helps you quickly implement changes and optimize sales performance.

Give credit where it’s due

When you use reliable store data in conjunction with planogram software, you won’t have to wonder how things were executed or whether your stores are compliant with the planogram. If there’s a problem, you’ll be able to address it elsewhere in the merchandising process.

AccuStore’s survey teams capture photos of store conditions, so you can see whether field staff or DSD vendors aren’t following your planogram or are the source of unnecessary out-of-stocks. An image provides all the data you need.

You’ll also know when staff are getting it right, so you can identify top performers, commend their efforts, and hold them up as examples for others. AccuStore reveals the bright spots in your planogram compliance, so you can keep track of the positive changes you’ve made.