How Cloud Computing Can Help You Grow Your Bottom Line

How Cloud Computing Can Help You Grow Your Bottom Line

Information Age calls cloud computing “a powerhouse built to run businesses effectively and efficiently.” InfoWorld calls the cloud “the engine” behind enterprise technology. What is it exactly? It’s the practice of using remote servers, hosted on the Internet, to store and manage your important data (such as your store profile information). It will definitely impact your growth strategy and help you manage your store compliance. So, is it time for you to move to the cloud?

Here are 10 great reasons why you should try cloud computing:

  1. Your files are always available. How many times have you forgotten an important document at work? You really thought you stashed it in your briefcase. Guess you’ll have to drive back to the office to grab it. Or maybe you like to spend an afternoon emailing yourself reports and site contact info before you head out of town. But what if a file is too big to go through? With cloud computing, you never have to go through any of that again. You always have access to what you need wherever you may be, as long as you have the Internet. Use your smartphone or tablet when you’re on the road visiting stores to connect with Corporate, view important documents, stay in touch with contacts, plus upload notes and photos on the spot.

  2. As your company grows, it’s easy to add users, add stores to your platform and increase data storage needs quickly. There’s no expensive new hardware to buy.

  3. Automatic updates. Rather than purchasing and installing new upgrades on everyone’s computers year after year, your cloud software service provider manages it all for you.

  4. Less issues. Think about it. If you encountered a glitch with something running on your own server, you’d have to put in a ticket with your internal I.T. and wait for someone to look into it. Plus, your ticket would have to be prioritized over a whole host of other pressing issues that your company’s small, overworked tech department deals with on a daily basis. Cloud computing takes all the pressure off your I.T. You’re getting service through an external company whose only job is to ensure the cloud stays functional at all times.

  5. Increase collaboration. Cloud computing makes it easier than ever to communicate and share info with the people you want. For instance, if you’re working on a project across different locations, you can grant access to employees, clients and even outside vendors so everyone can view relevant files.

  6. Continuity planning. Natural disasters put 80% of companies out of business. Power failures happen. It’s not pleasant to think about, but there’s a lot riding on the information stored in your files. If you lose data because it’s physically located at one business unit, your entire company’s productivity could suffer. But with cloud computing, your data is backed up, stored and protected in a safe location. Even if you can’t return to your office, you can still conduct business and access your data, minimizing downtime to your customers.

  7. Less capital spend. More value. You get all of the capabilities of new technology on demand without the expense. That means your team has access to the latest applications without buying a bunch of equipment, building and managing a dedicated infrastructure, or worrying about maintenance costs.

  8. Take control of your documents. Just as you can share information with whomever you want, you can limit access, too. Competitive information, confidential human resources files, financials, marketing playbooks… You don’t want these kinds of documents just floating around for anyone to see. Plus, for accuracy’s sake, you don’t want 20 “save as” versions of a document being passed around and edited. With cloud computing, you can all collaborate in real time on one document.

  9. The competitive edge. In a study by Harvard Business Review, 74% of businesses said cloud computing enabled them to capitalize on opportunities more quickly than competitors.

  10. Save money. 82% of companies that switched to cloud computing said it saved them money by cutting the cost of on-premise infrastructure, improving daily operations, enhancing collaboration, keeping team members on task and making data easier to manage.

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