How to Solve 4 Common Retail Pain Points With Site Surveys & Audits

How to Solve 4 Common Retail Pain Points With Site Surveys & Audits - AccuStore

From helping your facilities team plan and budget for the year ahead to streamlining communication, retailers need access to reliable and accurate store-level data, but how? Read on to discover how a site survey and audit can help retailers solve a variety of popular pain points.

  1. Pain Point: Capital Expenses Are Getting Expensive. A store or site survey helps you keep track of warranty information to prevent you from replacing or updating items still under warranty. Surveys can provide quick and easy reference to key information needed when planning and budgeting for new items.
  2. Pain Point: Printing Overages Are Wasteful and Costly. Surveys of each store’s location makes it easy to create site-specific, cost-effective marketing campaign kits. By knowing exactly what’s needed per store size and location, you’re able to cut costs, save time and avoid unnecessary overage and waste.
  3. Pain Point: Execution Is a Struggle. Your brand strategy is only as good as its in-store execution. Communication is critical to staying competitive and meeting your goals. Old school methods like spreadsheets, memos and emails are inefficient, time-consuming and can be easily lost. Audits help you zoom in on compliance, marketing and merchandising execution concerns, without mountains of follow-up work.
  4. Pain Point: Compliance Is Becoming Complicated. Protecting your brand, safeguarding your company assets, and following corporate guidelines are challenging issues for every business. Audits and mobile audits can help pinpoint specific compliance concerns and inconsistencies across all store locations making it easier to measure, document and mitigate those risks.

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