How to Save Money on Store Décor Rollouts

How to Save Money on Store Décor Rollouts - AccuStore

New retail store concepts are being built on a “lean and mean” model, with a trend towards smaller size formats. This is great for adapting to more urban environments where millennials live and shop. It’s not so great for your merchandising department. With different-sized stores across the country, it can be hard to hit upon a store décor strategy that’s consistent for all of them. Store branding still needs to meet customer expectations to drive traffic, even if it’s displayed in a smaller space.

Yes, it is possible to adapt your visual merchandising to different store sizes – and even lower your spend at the same time. No, we’re not talking about dumbing down your store décor, altering your promotional calendar or negatively affecting the customer experience. Innovative retailers are now tailoring their store décor packages to each individual store. What is their secret? Do they have regional teams working around the clock?

The secret is technology that does the heavy lifting for you and helps you adapt your rollout strategy to different store types. AccuStore® web-based store intelligence software can provide you with a powerful tool to simplify the job. It gives your team the ability to see inside each of your stores so you can tell at a glance what you have and what you need. No more guessing what to order or if your newly acquired stores have the same fixtures as your legacy doors – you’ll no longer waste money from not knowing. In fact, you’ll actually be able to lower spend by eliminating waste. Plus, with AccuStore, information is available anytime via an app. Unlike static spreadsheets that live in a file in one department and soon become history, AccuStore is an accurate, real-time, shareable knowledge base that will revolutionize your store merchandising efforts.

AccuStore helps you deliver a more effective merchandising guide

Most retailers create visual merchandising directives for each calendar event with information on how to merchandise products in their specific floor space. (Some may call them planograms or store marketing guides.) You can either include every possible store format scenario you can think of and create a 100+ page guide or you can send a smaller guide with information that pertains to the top doors and have the rest follow as best they can. In either case, the stores are left to decipher a lot.

With AccuStore, you can customize your merchandising guide by store for ease of execution. It’s easy to configure using the information in each store’s unique data profile. You gain control over compliance and there’s no confusion at the store. You’ll also maximize your ROI because you’re making the most of efficiencies and lowering spend while still achieving a brand-right customer experience.

How using AccuStore helps you save money and time:

  • Understand store-level assets: Know what’s different and what’s already in their store inventory of fixtures, sign types, displays, etc.
  • Eliminate waste: Improve your order quantities by paying for only what you need
  • All departments – and even your vendors – can plan, collaborate and share through one app, so it’s easy for everyone to see what’s going on.
  • Greater visibility: Capture real-time images of your store environment and address merchandising problems immediately.
  • Treat each store uniquely instead of “one size fits all.” Create and order store-specific décor.
  • Simplify with merchandising placement guides that eliminate any confusion.
  • Dramatically increase ROI: Tailor your marketing to each store

AccuStore® store intelligence software is designed specifically to streamline store-level execution. From marketing to merchandising to store operations, it will give your entire team a blueprint to manage, execute and monitor more efficient rollouts. To find out more about AccuStore, click here.