How to Lower Marketing Costs with Store Intelligence Software

How to Lower Marketing Costs with Store Intelligence Software - AccuStore

Are your internal processes restricting collaboration? Is slow response time undermining your marketing strategy?

With the introduction of new marketing channels and competition, as well as pressure to demonstrate even greater ROI, there’s no better time for marketers to consider a change. But you don’t have to change your management style. You just need to automate it.

It seems that many marketing projects are being hampered by the use of disjointed internal tools. For example, Excel is a great program, but it can’t help you connect your department and efficiently execute your marketing strategy.

Let us show you how to bring your marketing staff, creative department, category managers and all of your teams together. Learn how a centralized, cloud-based store intelligence platform can drive immediate benefits, from cost savings to the ability to quickly respond to market conditions.

Here are seven ways a store intelligence system can help drive in-store marketing and save you money.

  1. Know your information is solid. Your marketing is only as good as the data you’re using. When your data is structured, you can make decisions with confidence.
  2. Eliminate waste. With store intelligence software, you never have to over-order again. You’re always sure of your specs and amounts. No more guessing at signage sizes or amount of display space available.
  3. Target brand assets to the right stores. With access to a store portal on a store intelligence platform – and photos, you have visibility into every store’s inventory. You can see what each store needs and what it already has. You can also segment your store marketing by size, by market or by architectural type to streamline orders.
  4. Improve execution. Ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Get your team in sync. Automate your workflow, manage tasks, and set up reminders so efforts aren’t duplicated or skipped.
  5. Save time on administrative follow-up. No more chasing down an Excel list saved on a hard drive that you can’t access. No more clogged inboxes. No more manually updating information that’s months old. With a store intelligence platform, you’re always looking at real-time information.
  6. Save resources. It’s likely that your team is already stretched to their max. Mobile and cloud technology empowers corporate, store-level and field support teams. It streamlines communication, gives them access to information when they’re on the road, and allows them to collect and share store-level intelligence.
  7. Spot opportunities. Because store intelligence software gives you a dashboard view inside your stores, you’ll be able to see what’s happening in real time and note customer trends.

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