How to Increase Holiday Sales & Enhance the Customer Experience

How to Increase Holiday Sales & Enhance the Customer Experience - AccuStore

The National Retail Federation expects 2019 holiday retail sales, now through December, to total anywhere between $727.9 billion and $730.7 billion. And with 2019 having six less holiday shopping days than 2018, retailers are doing all they can to increase revenue and make the most of this shorter holiday shopping season.

From task management to efficiently executing in-store promotions, access to the right retail tools and technology is key. Having a store intelligence solution can help you effectively engage with new customers, strengthen existing customer loyalty and deliver memorable customer experiences.

Keep Shoppers and Employees Safe

Don’t let weather woes get in the way of your holiday sales, ensure your store is safely accessible regardless of snow or ice. Maybe the parking lot needs plowing or sanding, with a store intelligence solution, store managers and team members can use photo captures to alert district managers. Slip-and-fall accidents are the No. 1 cause of emergency room visits and a leading reason for workers’ compensation claims. If staffers spot ice near entry doors, dumpsters and other highly trafficked areas, they can easily capture and share photos and details to make sure these problematic locations are tended to. This feature is an excellent way to help prevent unnecessary slips and falls during wintry shopping days.

Rev up Holiday Revenue

Don’t miss a beat during the busiest buying season of the year. Focus on increasing your sales and growing your business while empowering your team members with task management features. Store intelligence technology with task management can help keep employees on track to ensure stores are neat, tidy and organized. A recent study shows 56 percent of shoppers will not return to a store with dirty dressing rooms with broken locks. An easy-to-use mobile solution with task management abilities offers you a simple way to create, execute and then visually verify the completion of various tasks.

Perfectly Execute Promotions

Although executing consistent and powerful marketing campaigns should be a year-round retail priority this is especially important during December. This holiday season, the average household is planning on spending nearly $1,500 – be sure to cash in as best you can. Store intelligence technology allows you to successfully expedite your promotional campaigns by connecting everyone involved in the development, implementation and execution right at the store level.

Create a Positive Customer Experience

Studies show 95 percent of customers tell others about a bad experience and 87 percent share good experience. Creating an overall positive customer experience is the key to retention and building brand loyalty. From streamlining employee communication to providing real-time visibility into stores’ inventory capacity, store intelligence allows retailers to make smarter, data-driven decisions. Smarter retailers have happier shoppers and employees.

Find out how a store intelligence solution such as AccuStore can help you improve  communications, execute flawless in-store marketing campaigns, and create positive customer experiences all year long.