How to Get Your Data to Talk

How to Get Your Data to Talk - AccuStore

“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.”- Ronald H. Coase

Do you feel like you have to torture the data at your company to get the answers you need? Or maybe the tables are turned and it’s the data (or lack thereof) that’s torturing you! A case could even be made that tracking down the specific set of numbers you need from various departments can be a form of torture. Especially when you top it off with worry about its accuracy and timeliness.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported (subscription required) on how data is changing retail. “Data’s growing dominance is remaking roles in the industry,” it wrote, after noting that the chief merchants at Kohl’s, Target and Walmart have been replaced with more “left-brain,” data analytics types. It definitely seems as if the art of retail has turned into the science of retail. With today’s uber-competitive landscape, it has to be. Your decisions need to be grounded in facts mined from precise store data, not hunches.

If your data can’t help you…

  • maintain compliance
  • make more informed decisions with accurate insight
  • boost productivity in the field
  • save time
  • stay organized
  • know your stores by improving visibility

…then it’s time to consider a site intelligence plan.

Working with data shouldn’t be torture either. It should be easy to access, manage and update key store-level information anytime. It should give your team what they need to do their jobs more efficiently. And pay for itself time and time again. Read about how AccuStore is saving retailers like you man hours, reduced expenses, the need to plan for overage, and up to 30% in marketing costs.