How to Gain Valuable Insights Amid Trying Times

How to Gain Valuable Insights Amid Trying Times - AccuStore

These last few months, you’ve most likely made changes to your stores to help protect your customers and employees. Whether you’ve installed sneeze guards, handwashing stations, contactless fixtures, or extra hand sanitizing dispensers, it’s important to track these new additions.  

Why Document Store Updates & New Retail Equipment?

Inaccurate data about your stores can lead to a variety of pain points such as overspending, compliance issues and not meeting your sustainability goals, just to name a few. Working with current store information allows you to make smarter, data-driven decisions as well as reduce your marketing costs and grow your business.

Tap Into the Power of Onsite Store Surveys

How many windows and doors does each store have? What type of fixtures are in each location? Knowing your stores from top to bottom is the secret to creating winning retail strategies – and that starts with a comprehensive onsite survey.

Onsite store surveys for retailers helps:

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Reduce expenses and indirect spend
  • Manage brand compliance
  • Prevent wasteful spending on POP
  • Reallocate inventory

Now’s the Time to Survey Your Stores

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