How Retailers Can Eliminate Data Silos

How to Eliminate Data Silos

Are you struggling to extract useful insights from the store profile data available to you? Does it feel like the biggest obstacle to your success is sitting right down the hall, in a data silo controlled by a protective department head?

From bottlenecks to missed opportunities, here are 7 reasons to get rid of your data silos now:

  1. You need the information now and don’t have the time to search multiple resources.
  2. You lack information integrity: the information that’s coming to you now is disjointed and out of date.
  3. Poor information leads to poor decision-making. So you find yourself making more educated guesses.
  4. Your silos are creating risks for your organization: they require manual coordination and I.T. worries about data backup and recovery.
  5. Productivity is stifled by duplicate entries, inconsistency, inaccuracy and confusion.
  6. You’re not getting the full value out of your investment of time, energy and hard work spent collecting the data.
  7. All of those wasted man hours and indirect overspend is really adding up.

It’s time to transition from silos to shared. AccuStore’s centralized data management strategy will immediately improve your access to the vital information you need to run your stores. It empowers your team with seamless, cloud-based access to your data.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Collect. Your information is organized into valuable profiles of each unique site with its own specific attributes.
  2. View. It creates a 360-degree dashboard view of all of your stores in real time. Now you are guaranteed a 100% accurate look at all of your physical assets, warranty information, compliance data, marketing needs and more – whatever you want housed, available to whomever you want to view it (store management, vendors, operations, facilities management, marketing, etc.)
  3. Empower. Easily compare and analyze what each store needs to succeed.
    • Address and even prevent store execution problems faster with real-time notifications.
    • Ensure the customer experience is always excellent.
    • Make store visits easier and more efficient, thanks to quick task notification and the ability to upload store observations and photos on the spot.
    • Create more timely and targeted marketing.
    • And much more!

With AccuStore’s cloud-based platform and mobile app, your team is organized, connected and productive, no matter where they are.

Let us show you how to break down those silos and gain an integrated, data-driven culture to drive collaboration, growth and innovation. Contact us today.