How Store Intelligence Helps Retailers During the Holidays

How Store Intelligence Helps Retailers During the Holidays - AccuStore

With shoppers spending nearly $1,536 this holiday season, retailers need to do everything they can to entice new and existing customers, increase revenue and deliver the best shopping experience possible. Having the right tools handy is the key to staying competitive. From task management to efficiently executing in-store promotions, here’s how a store intelligence solution can help you accomplish both.

Avoid Weather Woes.

Don’t let weather conditions get in the way of your holiday sales, make sure your store is safely accessible regardless of snowfall. A store intelligence solution allows store management to capture and instantly share photos and information. Team members can use photo capture features to alert district management of potentially hazardous entry areas and parking lots in need of additional plowing or sanding.

Stay Focused on Your Sales.

This is your busiest season – it’s your time to shine and focus on driving sales and growing your business. Store intelligence with task management features can help keep stores tidy, organized and free of broken fixtures or equipment. An easy-to-use mobile solution with task management abilities offers you a simple way to create, execute and then visually verify completion of tasks.

Execute Promotions Perfectly.

Of course, executing consistent and powerful marketing campaigns is a retailers’ year-round goal, however this is especially vital during the holiday shopping season. Store intelligence technology helps you accurately carry out your promotional campaigns by connecting all stakeholders involved in the development, implementation and execution right at the store level.

Drive a Positive Omnichannel Experience.

It only takes one negative experience to lose a customer. According to 24/7, 47 percent of customers surveyed have switched companies after a single instance of poor customer service. Creating an overall positive customer experience is the key to retention and building brand loyalty. From streamlining employee communication to providing real-time visibility into stores’ inventory capacity, store intelligence allows retailers to make smarter, data-driven decisions. Smarter retailers have happier shoppers and employees.

See how a store intelligence solution such as AccuStore can help you streamline communications, execute flawless in-store marketing campaigns, and create positive customer experiences all year long.