How Store Intelligence Empowers Smarter Marketing Decisions

How Store Intelligence Empowers Smarter Marketing Decisions - AccuStore

The end of the year is a good time for reflection – a time to determine whether your organization is making progress towards its growth strategy. So we invite you to pause and take stock of the business decisions that you’ve made over the past 12 months, especially when it comes to your store promotions. What went well? What would you do again? What would you improve for the future?

When you think back on the past year, which statement would you say best reflects how your company chose to carry out store promotions?

  • We based our decisions on whether the stores could execute them well
  • We based our decisions on overall growth strategy

If you plan promotions based on implementation rather than strategy, can you really drive growth? Is your company as nimble as it needs to be in a competitive retail environment? Oftentimes, a lack of credible, current store information is the reason behind the choice. If you’re concerned whether the spreadsheet being circulated is the latest and greatest, it can affect everything from overage to store compliance.

A store intelligence system can help. It houses all of your store data on one central platform. With a store intelligence system, you can…

  • Be assured that you always have up-to-date information to create a store-specific strategy that will not only improve execution but overall growth
  • Understand the competitive landscape and create a store-specific merchandise plan
  • Understand each store’s unique features and floor plans so you can create store-specific decor
  • Provide each store with its own unique store planning guide for ease of compliance
  • And much more

Meet AccuStore®

Our custom store intelligence platform and app can help you leverage your store profile data to devise and implement your promotional strategies more effectively. You’ll be able to take the guesswork out of ordering marketing collateral and track store assets.

If you understand the store-specific factors that drive lift, you can get hyperlocal with your marketing decisions. However, traditional retail task management tools just aren’t fast enough to provide you with current store needs. Whether you want to match competitor pricing, comply with different city tax ordinances, or just ensure the right sign gets to the right store, AccuStore is your answer.

Let us show you how store intelligence can help you manage your promotions more efficiently. So next year, when you reflect on business, you’ll notice reduced expenses, improved execution and accelerated growth.