How Can You Drive Efficiencies for Your Grocery Chain?

How Can You Drive Efficiencies for Your Grocery Chain? - AccuStore

Whether your goal is to optimize deliveries, simplify a complicated process, or identify which coolers to replace, you need to start with obtainable and current data. Access to accurate information about your grocery or supermarket locations can only bring about positive results.

A store profiling solution takes survey data—such as measurements, fixture details, equipment counts, and more—collected from your store locations to create a detailed repository of site-specific information. This database becomes your grocery or supermarket chain’s single source of truth giving you access to the insight needed to:

  • Streamline communication between all employees and vendors
  • Understand each store location’s needs to help save you time and money
  • Create store-specific sales planners to improve efficiency and execution


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True Use Case Example of Store Profiling in Action

We asked a process change specialist of a popular grocery chain retailer with over 180 stores in the northeast, to provide us with some of the ways they’re benefitting from a store profile solution. Here’s what they said:

  • Fresh department accruals can now be assigned based on “department sales” instead of “current use of total store sales.”
  • Delivery schedules are now optimized to meet each retail location’s specific needs from a capacity standpoint.
  • Store supplies can now be ordered for equipment and fixtures specific to each retail location.
  • Retail management teams better understand the attributes within their areas of responsibility.
  • Facilities associates use the database to determine when equipment replacements are needed.
  • Corporate office management teams can:
    • Easily determine store classifications and contact information
    • Ensure asset protection by using details from the database to determine camera placement
    • Keep their attributes current and up to date through a secure, gatekeeper approval process, enabling better understanding of their impact(s) to retail locations.

AccuStore’s centralized cloud-based database gives everyone on your teams anytime, anywhere access to the accurate store-specific info needed to make smarter, data-driven decisions. Contact us to schedule a demo today.