Effective Ways to Save Time and Money on Store Décor Rollouts

Effective Ways to Save Time and Money on Store Décor Rollouts - AccuStore

Today’s retail store sizes are shrinking. In March of 2019, Target reported plans to open approximately 30 trimmed-down stores on college campuses and in cities like Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. Small-format stores average about 40,000 square-feet making them about one-third the size of a typical or traditional Target. “These stores help us enter new neighborhoods, where a full-size store wouldn’t fit,” CEO Brian Cornell explained.

Small-format stores are ideal for urban locations where millennials live, work and shop, however are not so ideal for merchandising departments. Creating a consistent store or retail décor strategy can be challenging for retailers who have different sized stores throughout the country. To drive traffic and meet customers’ expectations, retailers must brand all stores the same, regardless of size.

Target Small Concept
Source: Target.com

Easily Adapt Your Visual Merchandising

Adapting visual merchandising to different store sizes doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. There’s no need to cheapen the look of the stores’ décor, alter promotional calendars or detract from the customer experience. Innovative retailers are now customizing their store décor or retail environment packages to each individual store. Instead of having regional teams working around the clock, they have time-saving technology.

Cut Costs by Eliminating the Guesswork

Site-specific store intelligence does the heavy lifting and helps retailers adapt the rollout strategy to different store types.

This powerful tool simplifies the job by allowing teams visibility into all stores. For example, if newly acquired stores have the same fixtures as your legacy stores, you’ll now know exactly what to order – saving time and money. What’s more, a store intelligence tool offers you vital store data anytime, anywhere, even on the go. Antiquated spreadsheets can’t provide an accurate, real-time shareable knowledge base. Store intelligence helps revolutionize store merchandising efforts.

By using store-specific data, store intelligence can help retailers save thousands in printing costs, labor and printing overages. This data-driven intel helps reduce excess waste by knowing exactly which store location needs what materials and helps create cost-effective POP campaign kits.

Create More Effective Merchandising Guides

Most retailers develop visual merchandising directives for each calendar event with information on how to merchandise products in their specific floor space. These planograms or store marketing guides vary. Some include every possible store format scenario and result in a 100+ page guide while smaller guides focus on information that pertains to the top doors or windows.

Utilizing a store intelligence tool allows you to customize your merchandising guide based upon each store’s unique data profile making execution much simpler. Easily gain control over compliance challenges by better understanding each store. Additionally, you’ll add value and increase your ROI while enhancing your brand and overall customer experience.

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From marketing to merchandising to store operations, a store intelligence solution gives your entire team a blueprint to manage, execute and monitor more cost-effective retail rollouts. Talk to us to see if you quality for a free 90-day trial or demo today.