Easy Solutions for Costly Retail Marketing Errors

Easy Solutions for Costly Retail Marketing Errors - AccuStore

Vendor and category promotions are effective ways to drive convenience store traffic, however, mistakes and miscommunication can easily derail the process. Here’s how to make the most of your store intelligence technology and avoid common marketing mishaps.

Keep Your Store Profiles Current

Store profile management, also known as site profile management, bridges the gap between what retailers think is happening in their stores and what’s actually happening. To guarantee accuracy, it’s vital to keep profiles and site-specific data as up to date as possible. If upgrading the coolers in your southwest stores, be sure each store’s profile reflects that change. If not, vendor signage won’t suit the new cooler style, leaving those stores unable to support promotional materials. Some stores most likely have more gondolas than others. Update your profiles regularly to avoid inconsistencies.

Coordinate With Vendors & Category Managers

Miscommunication equals missed opportunities which ultimately leads to missed revenue. Make sure your category managers and vendor reps coordinate promotions and work together to ensure signage is properly timed with vendor product delivery. If there’s in-store POP touting the release of a new beverage brand or flavor, yet the product never arrived, signage is likely to end up in the trash. Make sure your staff is aware of common issues that can occur when teams aren’t working together to ensure delivery timing and promotions are in sync.

Use Captures to Document & Communicate

Captures make it easy to report and share in-store information. If your current soda promotional signage isn’t correct, take a photo and share it with your teams and management. Expired offers confuse customers and create negative in-store experiences. Studies show 51 percent of customers will not return following a negative experience. Capture expired or incorrect signage and make sure all store employees are aware. If in-store signage doesn’t fit new fixtures, a photo along with notes helps keep everyone on the same page. It’s a simple way to document any POP problems your staff may encounter. Put your store intelligence technology to work and ensure all your stores are benefiting from product promotions by utilizing the capture feature.

For additional tips and insights, talk to our store intelligence experts about how AccuStore helps you accelerate growth, reduce costs and streamline communication.