Creating One Shared Database Is Critical for Retailers

Creating One Shared Database Is Critical for Retailers - AccuStore

Whether changing store hours, quickly hiring new employees, or creating alternative means for customers to get what they need, retailers have had to make some difficult decisions over the last few months.

Making decisions based upon data is how businesses grow and prosper. However, what is often overlooked is the importance of using one consistent set of accurate data points to base those decisions. A single source of truth, or one database, is critical to any successful retailer.

Store-Specific Data Is Derived From Onsite Surveys

Gathering those data points starts with a detailed onsite survey. Professional survey teams collect store-specific information such as how many fixtures, windows, registers, and more each store has. This data empowers retailers with the store-specific intelligence they need to keep stores running smoothly.

The Importance of One Source of Data

During a crisis, retailers may need to decide which stores to keep open. If dealing with supply constraints or low staff availability, it may be better to close some stores where the customers can be served by other stores. This can become a dire issue if staff are unable to work due to illness or weather conditions, or if certain areas require people to stay home or follow mandatory curfews.

By understanding these store-level factors, retailers can quickly adjust their strategies by acting on real-time data stored within a store intelligence platform where teams can manage and access one single data source or reliable data.

5 Reasons to Create a Single Data Source

  • Time is of the essence ─ your teams need information now and don’t have the time to search multiple resources like emails and spreadsheets
  • Information integrity is key ─ the information that’s coming to you now is disjointed and outdated
  • Educated guesses are risky ─ accurate info leads to informed, data-driven decision making
  • Creates IT issues ─ multiple sources of data creates security risks for your entire organization and require time-consuming backup and recovery
  • Productivity is slowed ─ duplicate entries, inconsistency, inaccuracy, and confusion is a waste of time, energy and resources

AccuStore’s centralized data management strategy will immediately improve your access to the vital information you need to run your stores. It empowers your team with seamless, cloud-based access to your data. Contact us to set up a demo or ask us about a free 90-day trial.