Close Communication Gaps in-Store with AccuStore App

Close Communication Gaps in-Store with AccuStore App - AccuStore

In retail, we “hope” memos are properly interpreted; sale signage is executed on time and product is merchandised to brand requirements. Reliable and capable associates are the lifeline for all customer-facing moments and tasks. It is a MUST that corporate and store managers support these valued people with all the available communication tools at hand.

AccuStore is the software platform created to help retailers manage, communicate with store associates, and optimize store data. Often, the challenge is KEEPING data updated as it can lag and be inaccurate. The AccuStore app allows for easy, real time data collection from stores that is quick and efficient.

Retailers can improve store visibility, product accuracy, delivery speed, and by completing those tasks, customer satisfaction too. Field and store employees can easily update data and photos in real time. This allows for collaboration and communication across stores and within the corporation.

The AccuStore app is set up to see how all parties stay engaged and store data is seamlessly managed anytime anywhere. Store photos of properly shelved and marketed products can be shared to vendors and the corporate marketing office at the same time. Managers can use the mobile app to alert team members of tasks that await them in the store.

AccuStore’s site intelligence platform can also provide real-time reporting that a manager would have to manually create if compiling data from multiple emails. Communication within the retail organization is just one of the competitive advantages provided by the AccuStore mobile app. Contact us for a product demo.