Efficient Online Surveys Provide Quick Store Answers

"Your online surveys provided us with the exact data we needed, and in a much more efficient process than the spreadsheets we had been using."

Vice President of Marketing and In-store Communications

The Client

Circle K Florida has more than 400 stores across Florida that are open 24/7, 365 days a year. They are one of the eight Circle K regions in the U.S. Circle K Florida offers a wide variety of quality products and services in a fast, friendly and clean environment.

The Challenge

As the Marketing VPs completed their routine store visits, they noticed a lot of wasted signage. They began to question the accuracy of their database and the amount of money being spent on printing the right quantity of signs. Circle K wanted their Market Managers to circulate a spreadsheet to verify the amount of outdoor signs needed before their next reprint - two weeks away. But would that be updated in time? And would it be any more accurate?

The Solution

We recommended using our site intelligence software as a more accurate and secure alternative to a spreadsheet. The built-in online survey tool is ideal for gathering this type of information. A quick email to the market managers helped to determine the exact number of outdoor signs actually needed and also highlighted how much overage was being printed and wasted leading to a large cost savings per order.

Services Used