Hannaford Streamlines Its Store Data to One Secure Source

The Challenge

Hannaford, a Maine-based supermarket chain founded in 1883 with stores in New England and New York, needed: access to a single database, a way to maintain accuracy and an easier reporting method. Their store data was aggregated and hosted in different databases creating challenges for Hannaford employees.

The Solution

The AccuStore team completed 188 store surveys from April to August and collected 5,625 data points. This new accurate store info was then stored on AccuStore’s secure cloud-based platform giving Hannaford anytime, anywhere access to one single database. Team members are also able to take advantage of AccuStore’s dynamic reporting.

The Results

Time Saving

Users now enjoy the time-saving convenience of querying all dynamic or static fields throughout the entire database, saving and running reports—even on the go with the AccuStore Mobile App.

Peace of Mind

By surveying 188 Hannaford stores, their team has gained peace of mind knowing their store data is up to date and accurate.

Improved Process

Hannaford can now streamline communication and improve accuracy and execution by aligning the way they collect and access data.