Can Your New Foodservice Program Pass A Food Safety Audit?

Can Your New Foodservice Program Pass A Food Safety Audit? - AccuStore

Congratulations, your new foodservice program is a success! The category reimaging looks great. The POP is up and it looks good too. Your customers are raving about your new offerings. But after month one, when the category manager stops checking on the program every day, will it still look as good? Are you sure your customers will receive the same consistent quality at all of your stores?

There are several turn-offs that can lead to poor customer perception of your product. Is the area clean? Does it look and smell fresh? Is the toppings bar well stocked? Is food drying out under the heat lamps? Are customers getting the same recipe or is an ingredient missing today?

As convenience stores continue to up their foodservice game, and now rival QSRs in terms of offerings, food safety must take center stage. Especially when it comes to maintaining that level of quality that your customers expect. When it comes to food safety, it isn’t about just a sheet of numbers. It’s about your customers’ wellbeing – and your brand’s reputation. With so much riding on the accuracy, consistency and compliance of your foodservice program, why trust this vital information to the error-prone clipboard-and-pen audit method? Let’s face it. It’s not exactly the most efficient or reliable way to gather data. It’s also eating up a good part of your day, in the stores as well as corporate, as you wait for the emails to come in and log them in a spreadsheet.

Roller Grill

Here’s how you build, improve and ensure a culture of food safety in your organization:

  1. Communication and consistency are the keys to achieving your safety goals.
  2. You need to know what’s happening in real time in all of your stores so you can effectively manage.
  3. And you need to get everyone on the same page so incidents are handled quickly and uniformly. You can’t control what you can’t see.

Technology Makes It Easy

An easy-to-configure store intelligence platform will streamline the way your team works and communicates. Using cloud-based software will provide you with access from anywhere via an app on your mobile device.

  • It’s fast. It takes only four minutes to conduct a food safety audit with the app.
  • It’s accurate.
  • It allows you to see verification of temperature readings with a snapshot.
  • It’s user-friendly so there’s hardly any ramp-up time learning new software.
  • It provides corporate with a store-level view to access site-specific information.
  • It will save you the hassle of tracking down files from every store.
  • It’s easy to tailor to meet your specific needs.
  • It’s secure. You control who has access to what information.

9 Ways that Store Intelligence Helps

  1. Digitize those paper checklists and emails!
  2. If reports are located in folders in stores across the country, it’s hard to address issues. By using store intelligence software, all of your information stays in one place. It’s at your fingertips when you need it.
  3. You’re always prepared for any city, state or federal regulatory checks and inspections.
  4. Share training updates on store policies easily and more effectively.
  5. Generate alerts in real time for your store safety teams.
  6. Create a custom checklist to address site-specific concerns.
  7. Assign and manage store tasks to be performed.
  8. Easily configure surveys, forms and reports to capture the information you need.
  9. Want to know the last time maintenance was done on your foodservice equipment? Can’t remember when the warranty is up? Shoot out a quick survey to the stores and receive an instant update.

Let us help you protect your valuable assets, your brand, your employees and customers. Our AccuStore® store intelligence platform gives you total visibility so you can effectively manage risk and OSHA compliance across your entire organization.

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