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AccuStore® at Big Show 2017

AccuStore® Store Profiles

Store Profiles

AccuStore makes it easy to access real-time information about every store 24/7. Call it your own version of a central intelligence agency where state-of-the-art site profiles provide you with the store-level details you need to make smarter decisions, lower marketing costs, improve compliance and create the customer experience you want.

AccuStore® Retail Marketing

Retail Marketing

Manage all aspects of your marketing campaigns, from production to inventory management, with AccuStore. We maximize the value of your store profile data to determine the exact in-store marketing quantities for each site. That technology-enabled precision allows us to create smart store distributions, so you always get what you need and nothing more.

AccuStore® Retail Execution

Retail Execution

You need to know your stores well to drive execution. AccuStore can help. Our cost-effective, technology-based solutions will allow you to target your marketing and merchandising efforts with hyper-local efficiency. Real-time data and analytics provide benchmarks for each store’s performance so you can respond to trends – and any store issues – immediately. Collaboration is also easier with our app that lets your teams plan and share vital information no matter where they are.

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