The AccuStore Difference

Considering a store profiling solution? Here’s what sets AccuStore’s next-gen technology apart from the competition.

7 Reasons Why Fortune 500 Retailers Choose AccuStore Over the Competition

  1. AccuStore is the result of 40+ years’ retail industry experience
  2. Fully supported, web-based platform includes native mobile app for fast and easy mobile access
  3. AccuStore offers retailers and field reps secure, anytime, anywhere access to single source store data
  4. The only tech company 100% invested in store intelligence
  5. Backed by dedicated technical and field survey support teams
  6. Always innovating with ongoing app updates and enhancements
  7. Retail-ready and easy to implement – even for large, complex organizations

The #1 Store Profiling Solution Used in Thousands of Locations by These Leading Retailers

What Our Customers Have to Say About AccuStore

“AccuStore’s online surveys provided us with the exact data we needed, and in a much more efficient process than the spreadsheets we had been using.”
— Vice President of Marketing and In-store Communications, Circle K

“AccuStore’s survey services provided the data we needed to have a comprehensive understanding of each site location - from the services offered at each site down to the exact dimension of every wall, window and sign.”
— Senior Manager of In-Store Communications for a 400-store chain headquartered in Pennsylvania

“The rollout of our recent PolarPop™ Translight program was essentially seamless.”
— Advertising Manager of 620 c-stores in the Arizona and Nevada region