About AccuStore

How we became an award-winning store intelligence solution

AccuStore is the result of almost 40 years of insight as a retail service provider. During that time, we’ve noticed retailers were mostly guessing at ordering their marketing collateral because they didn’t have accurate data about their stores. Besides being a wasteful practice, it’s costly too. We’ve also seen it become harder to rely on information from spreadsheets or emails. So we developed software that ensures up-to-the-minute accuracy about each store’s unique profile. We can guarantee the right size sign always gets to the right store.

That software was the basis of AccuStore. As we grew, we added more ways to help retailers gain store-level intelligence to enhance their marketing and operations decision-making. We’ve also streamlined store audits and field tasks, and made information accessible 24/7 through an app. In 2014, the AccuStore brand was spun off with its own dedicated team to support the technology.

Our 1+5+15 promise

By bridging the gap between what the field knows about your stores and what you know, AccuStore reduces expenses and increases speed to market. Contact us to learn how, within 1 year, AccuStore can reduce your indirect spending by 5% while accelerating planned growth by 15%.

Your stores, from top to bottom line™