7 Ways to Improve the Accuracy of Your Store Audits

7 Ways to Improve the Accuracy of Your Store Audits - AccuStore

Whether you’re looking for ways to reduce shrink or comply with regulatory requirements, a rigorous store-level audit process is critical to protecting and substantiating company assets.

But store audits definitely have their challenges: Traditional methodologies include a visit from internal auditors or the loss prevention team who complete a formal audit plan. This leads to a significant and unmanageable volume of paperwork. Then, the subsequent transfer of all that hand-collected data into analysis tools results in a substantial time lag between the audit and your findings (not to mention human error). This slows the decision process way down and means missed opportunities to implement timely corrective action. Actually executing the audit often results in incomplete or infrequent coverage of stores due to resource constraints, which also limits the efficiency and effectiveness of the audit.

You need a way to stay ahead of the curve. AccuStore provides a simple, disciplined way to create, execute and verify accurate audit results. It’s an easy-to-use, mobile solution that empowers your team to help with information gathering and sharing of essential data in real time.

7 Key Benefits of Using AccuStore:

  1. Improve reporting consistency – Standardized questions provide the most useful information for analysis. With AccuStore, you can customize the questions you want to ensure a consistent scoring process. In addition, AccuStore can pose questions in sequence to elicit accurate and relevant responses.
  2. Minimize the impact of question interpretation – Everyone interprets audit questions from their own unique perspective, which can cause problems with accuracy and render subjective questions all but useless. AccuStore is designed to keep audits on track, with downloadable support to clarify management expectations.
  3. Stop entering your data twice – Paper-based audits are slow and cumbersome. Response time is delayed when data is sent to Corporate for manual collation and review. By using AccuStore, data is entered only once at the store for real time results, with no errors, no delays, and no paperwork.
  4. Save time –AccuStore audit results are available instantly. By accelerating the audit life cycle, management can make more informed decisions.
  5. Increase location coverage – In a large network of stores spread over a wide area, sheer volume can limit your audit. That means some important locations may be lost in the process. AccuStore improves productivity by increasing the amount of time available to expand audit coverage to new topics, new stores and emerging trouble areas. AccuStore’s tracking and data trust indicator (DTI) tools also support visibility into store coverage.
  6. Automatically know your action items – AccuStore can help you become more proactive by alerting you to areas that need remedy. For all questions where an unsuitable response is recorded, the user can immediately record observations, add photos and assign action items/tasks to appropriate stakeholders.
  7. Eliminate data redundancy and enhance security – In the traditional paper-based system, audit results are distributed via email on multiple spreadsheets and stored in various locations. AccuStore syncs the data and saves it on a secure, centralized portal – limiting the opportunity for erroneous data to make its way into your reports or the wrong hands.

If you’d like to see how AccuStore can work for your team, please give us a call. We’d be happy to set up a demo.