7 Ways Technology Will Simplify Your Store Execution

7 Ways Technology Will Simplify Your Store Execution - AccuStore

Your brand strategy is only as good as its execution in store. And this is where even the best retailers struggle. When you want a timely, consistent rollout and communication is critical, static and silo’d solutions (e.g., Excel spreadsheets, memos, emails) just don’t cut it. Short term, these methods can result in less productivity and confusion. Long term, they can hinder execution to the point where it impacts store sales and compliance.

Store intelligence software erases these concerns so you can communicate in real time and attain seamless store performance. It empowers your team to manage, execute and monitor your brand campaigns and new initiatives.

The key benefits of using store intelligence:

  • Visibility: Having each store’s custom specifications at your fingertips when you need it – fixtures, signage systems, displays, windows and doors
  • Unity: All stakeholders – merchandising, marketing, operations, store managers and construction crews – use a single knowledge base to eliminate silos
  • Communication: Easily share your plans internally and externally to vendors
  • Real-time data: You’re not relying on outdated information or questionable spreadsheets
  • Consistency: Simplify tasks by guiding the workflow step by step as you choose – by location, by team member or priority.
  • Store-level clarity: Create store-specific marketing placement guides that eliminate confusion
  • Instant access: Manage updates from the store and resolve challenges on the spot

The AccuStore® store intelligence platform and app can help you leverage your store profile data to design, plan and execute more effectively. You’ll be able to take the guesswork out of ordering marketing collateral and track store assets.

By understanding the store-specific factors that drive lift, you can tailor your marketing decisions based on each store’s exact needs. Whether you want to match competitor pricing or comply with different city tax ordinances, you can use AccuStore to build a store-specific pricing structure into your advertising signage upfront (rather than relying on stores to add stickers). It also ensures the right quantities of marketing collateral are allocated to each store with the ability to replenish when you need it or draw-down any excess stock. By applying these principles, you can eliminate waste and save on marketing costs.

One retail client who implemented AccuStore has solved their brand’s rollout challenge. With over 8,000 retail locations, the biggest challenge was making sure the right promotional signs got to the right stores. But since they had undergone mergers and acquired new sites, they weren’t confident that they had accurate store information to guide their decisions. There were new store formats to contend with and they were unsure about the location of store assets. As a result, they were over-ordering and sending not only the wrong quantities, but the wrong size signs to stores. Since they integrated our cloud-based platform with their existing systems, everyone now has access to accurate store data. More importantly, each store is assured that it will receive exactly what it needs to execute each campaign. In addition, they successfully achieved savings of over 40% by eliminating waste when ordering.

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, you need real-time information to manage efficiently. Let us show you how to break through the silos, know your stores and simplify your next promotional rollout.

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