5 Ways Retail Technology Reduces Marketing Costs

5 Ways Retail Technology Reduces Marketing Costs - AccuStore

One of the easiest ways to cut marketing costs is by integrating a store profiling solution. Having access to accurate profile data of every store or site offers retailers store-specific insight into exactly what’s needed and nothing more.

  1. Streamline Communication – A centralized, cloud-based store intelligence platform brings your marketing staff, creative department, category managers and other stakeholders together. By increasing collaboration and communication, it’s easier for teams to make updates and receive approvals. Expediting approvals can help prevent rush fees (rush fees can increase your marketing budget by 20 percent). Accuracy helps avoid costly design errors or typos.
  2. Enhance Productivity – Cloud-based store intelligence technology makes collaboration between marketing and stakeholders a breeze therefore enhancing productivity. Businesses using cloud-based collaboration and computing can increase productivity by nearly 400 percent.
  3. Eliminate Waste – With store intelligence technology, you can tailor POP by store to eliminate print overages or ordering the wrong number of signs. Knowing your specs and amounts removes the guesswork typically involved in signage sizes or amount of display space available. By drilling down orders to the store level, retailers can save 20 percent to 30 percent on their marketing budgets.
  4. Gain Visibility – Having access to a store intelligence portal featuring photos and important details gives your team visibility into every store’s inventory. Make more data-based decisions on what each store already has or needs. Streamline orders by segmenting store promotions by size, market or architectural type. Use that visibility to spot repetitive trends to help strategize your campaigns and increase ROI.
  5. Automate Tasks – Most retailers would agree their team resources are already maxed out. Store intelligence technology allows you to automate your workflow, manage tasks, and set up reminders. Automated workflows reduce errors and inefficiencies, saving businesses up to 30 percent. Mobile and cloud technology gives corporate, store-level and field support teams access to information while on the road and allows them to collect and share vital store-level data.

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