4 Ways Store Intelligence Makes Maintenance a Breeze

4 Ways Store Intelligence Makes Maintenance a Breeze - AccuStore

Your equipment is your store’s lifeline. One machine mishap is all it takes to lose productivity, customers and cash. Keeping track of your store’s air conditioning, registers and more can be complex, stressful and time-consuming. If you’re still depending on spreadsheets and dated methods to record vital store information, you’re taking an unnecessary risk.

Consider implementing a store profiling and intelligence solution to help automate the way you track and manage your maintenance program. Anytime, anywhere access to accurate store profile info helps eliminates the guesswork, allowing you to make smarter data-driven decisions about your equipment. Here’s how.

  • Keep Warranty Details Handy – Track warranties, equipment age and maintenance records for all your stores. Know when your inventory is ready to retire before it’s too late by managing warranty details via one safe, secure and shareable platform. Quickly find items that have been recalled for safety or warranty issues.
  • Safely Manage Inspection Expiration Dates – Ensure your inspection and maintenance reports are kept safe, accurate and always accessible for regulatory compliance and reporting. When it comes to the safety of your employees and customers, it’s not worth the risk of relying on paperwork and printouts.
  • Create Alerts to Help Prevent Downtime – Be proactive about maintenance, why wait for equipment to fail and bring your store to a standstill? Create alerts to notify you of pending maintenance updates to help minimize downtime and avoid costly repairs.
  • Streamline Communications – Email a quick mobile survey to stores you have questions about. Get real-time answers to any questions instantly and stay ahead of possible productivity problems. An app also makes it simple for teams to report problems, submit work orders and get results quickly.

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