4 Ways Store Intelligence Can Reduce Remodeling Costs

4 Ways Store Intelligence Can Reduce Remodeling Costs - AccuStore

Publix, Aldi and Kroger are just some of today’s grocery stores investing millions in store remodeling. However, updating legacy grocery stores doesn’t have to be overpriced and overwhelming. Sometimes all it takes is a little paint, stylish fixtures, creativity and the ability to hone in on important store location details.

Reducing renovation costs and complexities starts with a store intelligence platform. From layouts and floorplans to actual attributes, store-specific insights paint a clear picture and make it easier to understand and pinpoint exactly what updates are needed.

Here are ways store intelligence can help you save time and money on grocery store refresh and remodeling:

  1. Limit Fixture Fix Ups
    Refreshing fixtures can easily enhance legacy stores. Update fixtures based upon store layout and available square footage per department. This information, provided by store intelligence, can help prevent overspending or purchasing unnecessary fixtures.
  2. Replace This, Not That
    Creating a store that shines speaks volumes yet doesn’t have to break the bank. Replace aging merchandising equipment such as refrigerator cases or registers by knowing what resides at which store. Gaining existing equipment and store-level intel is vital to reducing both cost and confusion.
  3. Illuminate With Ease
    Revamping store lighting by replacing existing fixtures with stylish and sustainable lighting offers a variety of benefits. Having the ability to identify the type of existing fixtures, as well as, how many to upgrade per store helps streamline and simplify lighting projects.
  4. Precisely Revamp Parking
    Sprucing up store parking is an affordable and cost-effective way to add to the overall customer experience. Precisely repave and repaint grocery store parking using store-specific data indicating the actual number of parking spots available per store. Access to such store lot particulars can significantly keep material and labor costs down.

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