4 Tasks Retailers Can Easily Automate Right Now

4 Tasks Retailers Can Easily Automate Right Now - AccuStore

These days, retailers have a lot on their minds and on their plates. You’re upping your cleaning game, building your brand, doing what you can to protect the health and safety of your associates and your customers, and keeping much-needed products in stock.

Like most, you may depend heavily on emailing yourself or your team members photos and notes from the field. Cluttered inboxes are challenging to organize while transferring notes and information into numerous spreadsheets and reports leaves room for error and can become time consuming.

Why not automate these tasks? Mobile and online workforce management tools can easily identify store-level needs, save hours of follow-up work and make task progress even easier to track and complete. As tasks are checked off the list, employees can easily submit real-time data back to the home office.

      1. Cleaning or CX Audit 

        Cleaning and sanitizing have always been a priority. However, these days you’re following guidance from the CDC and paying closer attention to high touch areas. Are your social distancing floor decals intact and spaced out properly? Are your stores neat and organized? You can spend countless hours touring stores to verify, or simply push out a quick task notification to all your locations to send photo assurance. For stores not up to par, just send a quick follow-up task.
      2. Planogram Audit

        Corporate has invested heavily in advertising and POP. Marketing and design teams have worked tirelessly to put together the latest promotions. Are the stores prepared, properly set up, and ready to go? An online survey with photos can deliver the fast, accurate results needed to resolve issues immediately. It’s also important to note, site-specific kits are mission critical when it comes to saving time and money with retail execution. Make sure your stores’ survey data is current and correct.

      3. ADA Compliance

        From following local mask mandates to successfully abiding by ADA policies and procedures, it’s important to keep your managers in the know. Tracking down an email reminder can lead to a costly error. An online survey sent via app would streamline data capture and automate notifications of completion.

      4. Accurate Stock Levels for Merchandise Displays

        When checking to see if a product is selling out or not selling at all, you send a message to 350 stores which results in 200+ email replies, 35 spreadsheets, and 40 calls. Your inbox and phone are blowing up. Your mobile battery is depleting, and memory is maxing out. Why not opt for a solution that allows you to collect all the info you need in one format, automatically populated in the database, allowing you to generate a report in seconds.

To learn more about how AccuStore can help your teams automate tasks, set up a demo today.