3 Ways Store Intelligence Helps with Sustainability

3 Ways Store Intelligence Helps with Sustainability - AccuStore

Data-driven intel is the key to helping today’s retailers reduce their carbon footprint in a variety of ways. From cutting back on print overages to saving fuel by avoiding unnecessary store checks, here are three ways retailers can rely on store intelligence solutions to help with sustainability.

  1. Avoid Overage – Reduce waste and print overages by knowing exactly which store location needs what materials. Site profiles make it easy to translate marketing campaigns into site-specific, cost-effective POP campaign kits. The result: enable marketing to print exactly what’s needed based upon store size and location, eliminating waste.
  2. Enforce Recycling Efforts – Ensure teams are taking good care of their stores as well as the planet with automated Task Management. Retailers can set up hourly checks—as tasks—to confirm that store employees are successfully adhering to store recycling rules. Additional tasks can include having team members conduct regular maintenance check issues that result in waste such as leaky faucets and improperly sealed entrances.
  3. Reduce Fuel – Significantly reduce fuel by cutting back on the amount of store assessment visits. Leveraging a store intelligence platform’s mobile tools to capture issues in real-time helps retail professionals streamline communication by sharing photos—of any items in and around the store—with their team members. Regional managers can avoid wasting fuel and manpower driving to check on stores that don’t have issues or stores with issues detailed within the cloud-based platform.

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