3 Reasons Why You Should Survey Your Stores During the COVID-19 Pandemic

3 Reasons Why You Should Survey Your Stores During the COVID-19 Pandemic - AccuStore

Retailers are facing a variety of changes to their stores amidst COVID-19. As retailers, maybe you’re deciding which stores need to be reconfigured, creating and documenting action plans around COVID-19 and/or deciding which stores need to close. Tackling these changes requires insight into every store and gaining that knowledge starts with an onsite survey. Now’s the perfect time to get started with onsite surveys of your stores. Here’s why.

  1. You’re Reconfiguring Stores

    If your stores have already changed or are changing to adapt to COVID-19 mandates and social distancing guidelines, you’ll want to capture these details. Maybe you have added sinks to different locations in and around your stores to make it even more convenient for customers and employees to wash their hands. Did you create a larger mobile order pickup section? Are you reconfiguring dressing rooms? Store layouts, assets and fixtures may have changed since COVID-19. Changes like this need to be documented. A site survey can keep track of all of these details.

  2. You Need Real-Time Visibility Into Stores

    Now’s the perfect time to gain real-time visibility into your stores and create or record COVID-19 action plans. For example, you can find out which stores need to:
    • Widen aisles
    • Create or enforce one-directional aisles
    • Add permanent floor markings to keep shoppers six feet apart
    • Install sneeze guards or clear plastic dividers between restroom sinks

    Site surveys are the perfect way to create an organized, sharable set of accurate site intelligence all departments can use to make data-based decisions and improve execution and determine business needs.

  3. You May Be Closing Stores

    Due to the unforeseen crisis, it may be necessary to shutter several of your locations. If the number of your stores is changing, it’s imperative that you record this information. Knowing the status of every store location allows you to create or update store profiles to help grow your business while saving money. Why waste money sending marketing materials to stores that are closed?

Find out how AccuStore onsite surveys can help you save money, accelerate your business and keep you compliant. Talk to one of our survey professionals today.