3 Popular Technology Trends Disrupting Retail

3 Popular Technology Trends Disrupting Retail - AccuStore

Over the past 10 years, technology has dramatically changed retail and the way your customers shop. Here are three popular tech trends affecting today’s retail world.

Cashierless Technology

One of the most popular frictionless shopping trends currently making headlines is cashierless technology. What’s more, Amazon is now offering its “Just Walk Out” technology to other retailers. “The technology uses a combination of cameras, sensors, computer vision techniques and deep learning to allow customers to shop, then leave the store without waiting in line to pay,” explains TechCrunch. A cashierless or checkout-free store helps customers save time by tracking shoppers with camera and shelf sensors register if an item is removed or returned and when the shopper exits the store, their chard is charged for their purchases.

Task Management

Retailers like Home Depot and Ikea are investing in technology to gather important data and allow employees to focus on enhancing the customer experience. Additionally, task management technology lets team members automate their daily responsibilities while creating a positive work experience for employees. On the employer side, task management can help with coaching and retaining employees, ensuring compliance with federal, state and local requirements, streamlining operations and keeping staff accountable. With industry-specific task management programs, employee-enabling apps like AllWork, which started in the beauty industry, helps with payroll, administration, scheduling, budgeting and benefits and can expand into other industries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the last two years, retailers using Artificial Intelligence (AI) grew by 600%. Department stores, clothing and footwear, food and grocery and home improvement are taking advantage of AI to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce complaints and streamline operations. For example, Walmart has robots assisting with inventory, Macy’s uses AI to offer shoppers suggestions and directions, and Kroger uses smart shelf sensor technology and a mobile app to help identify customers as well as provide personal pricing and product information.

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